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A tall thin man with a square homemade guitar steps onto the stage, takes one look at the room and leaps into his first song. The audience is instantly taken with his energy, his tuneful voice mixed with a handful of gravel and his singular guitar playing. British musician and songwriter Tall William is part Jack White, part John Lennon but always himself. One moment he has the room stomping to the dirtiest of blues whilst the next raising them up on a wave of pop melodies and witty lyrics. In the end the applause speaks for itself and Tall William can count yet another audience to his growing fans.

But who is Tall William? He arrived in central Europe with his homemade shoebox guitar from the once prosperous seaside town of Scarborough, England. Since then he has been a regular fixture in the Austrian music scene, playing festivals such as Nova Rock and Donauinselfest whilst finding favour with radio stations like FM4, Soundportal and FRO Linz. Tall William’s style is noticeably more immediate than most of his Austrian contemporaries, due to a baptism of fire writing songs to stand out in the talent heavy, cash poor music scene of northern England.

In his latest EP ‘When The War Comes By’, his origins can be clearly heard. Title track ‘When The War Comes By’ is loosely based the bravado of UK youth and readiness they have to join the armed forces. ‘Blue Town of the North’, refers to the “salty surf”, the “penny arcades” of his hometown and its unquestioning allegiance to conservative ideals and the Royal Family. ‘One Horse Town’ shows an optimistic side to Tall William, telling his audience to be positive about life, wherever they are. ‘Devils Doorbell’ is a tongue in cheek closer with Tall William ultimately asking his audience to do whatever makes them happy.

Tall William has made two tours of central Europe and supported acts such as Ben Caplan and Max Jury on some of Austria’s most well known stages. Always playing solo regardless of the crowd in front of him, Tall William is equal to a crowd of 10 or 10,000.

In 2017 Tall William signed to Audio Heart Records to release his second EP ‘When The War Comes By’. The debut single ‘One Horse Town’ is out now.


2014 Debut EP 'Raiser' with rotational Austria-wide radio play
2014 Winner 'Michaela Singt' Vienna Songwriting Association award
2015 Winner Volume.at Open Stage Songwriter Competition
2015, 2016, 2017 Nova Rock Festival
2015 Austria, Slovakia, Hungary tour
2016 Donauinselfest
2017 Signed with Audio Heart Records
2018 Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Hungary tour
2018 Second EP 'When The War Comes By' with high profile Spotify playlists



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Track listing:

When The War Comes By
Blue Town of the North
One Horse Town
Devil's Doorbell

RAISER (2014)

Raiser EP Small Front.jpg

Keep Pushing
Little Houses
21st Century Blues
Red Shoes
Ticking Clocks