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tall william (uk)


Born on the north east coast of England, now living in Vienna, Tall William is a lightning strike of blues/pop landing somewhere between Jack White and Jack Johnson. From the penny arcades of Scarborough to the decadence of Vienna, Tall William fires out a modern take on the blues with his homemade cigar box guitar as well as solid pop numbers with his trusty acoustic 'Stella'.

Tall William is an artist carrying blues-pop into a new age.

His style, which brings "a breath of fresh air to a genre that has disappointed so often in recent years" (Substance is Meaningless), has led to the Brit singer-songwriter winning both the Vienna Songwriting Association 'Michaela Singt' competition and Volume.at 'Open Stage' competition.


Vocals / Tall William
Cigar box guitar / Teleboxer
Acoustic guitar / Stella
Stomp box / Shadow


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